Stephanies Ann Whitaker

My American Mortgage Loan Originator gave clear answers night or day to my questions. He dealt with the real estate agents to resolve issues.


Tracy M. Pierce

They did so much to help me. Not only was the closing process quick and easy and painless as far as all the paperwork I had to sign, my Loan Originator really went above and beyond; as many issues as I had trying to get this house and the problems that kept arising with the other realtor, my Loan Originator didn’t just give up and say ‘Oh well, looks like there is nothing more we can do.’ She bent over backwards to help me get in this house.


Gerald L. Robinson

They were really good at keeping me informed during the whole process. I don’t think I would have received the same support if he had gone through any other company.


Anthony Wilson

She did a lot of things different than other companies. She told me how the process was going to go right from the beginning. I felt like she was on my team. She was honest.


Dustin P. Doherty

My Loan Originator didn’t judge me based on past credit history. I just wanted to determine if this loan was really something feasible and affordable for me. I expected the process was typical of all lenders. Information was posted online so that I could see it.


Andrew Johnson

The interaction was good when I first started dealing with my American Mortgage Loan Originator. That was a positive right off the bat. He was always available to take calls.


Joseph Michael Hamilton

I was surprised that my American Mortgage Loan Originator responded to our emails over the weekend within an hour.


Danell T. Cordray

It was pretty straightforward and easy. She took most of the information over the phone.

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